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When your driver reaches any participating CurbZERO-enabled curb, your driver is guided to the exact open spot for you with a live video using our “live curb assist” technology in the app of the participating business. "Live Curb Assist" can be used in modern cars & Uber/Lyft - it can adapt to phone bandwidth till we wait for 5G connections.

Passengers being picked up can also see the same spot and live video that clearly identifies the car (useful in case you have an Uber/Lyft driver).You (and your driver) are also shown the time allowed for you to wait at that specific spot. The system adapts itself based on traffic and several other real-life scenarios (e.g.) a baby crying that can delay mom reaching the curb.

When you leave on time, your “Curb-Rating” goes up. Businesses provide  CurbZERO spots to pick up orders based on your loyalty level as well as your CurbZERO rating.

Are you an executive in a business that serves consumers at physical locations?

Do you want to digitally transform the experience of your customers picking up their online or in-app orders?


Here are some experiences made possible with the CurbZERO concept:


  • Lucy’s order for a latte through her coffee shop app gets her a spot on the city curb in front of coffee shop automatically when her car (or Uber/Lyft) reaches the front of the store.  (Learn more)

  • John on his way to an office party and stops to pick up last-minute gifts using the store app that shows a spot for him right in front of the door to park his car for a few seconds before he can pick up his order.

Join our CurbZERO business innovation program to create better experiences for your customers at your stores.

Are you an airport executive who is looking for better ground transportation experiences at your airport?


  • Airports are forced to spend millions of dollars each year to manage their pickup & drop-off ground traffic, which still does not produce the best experience for anyone. CurbZERO-enabled curbsides can use software to manage traffic efficiently at no cost (for the first few airport adopters).

  • Airports know they have to serve the growing public preference for ride-sharing (Uber/Lyft). Restricting this cost-efficient and convenient transportation to garages and other places far away from the terminal doors is not fair for these travellers.

  • We offer a better experience for both drivers and passengers. CurbZERO-enabled curbs make airport trips faster, safer and stress-free for the public.





Join our CurbZERO Airport innovation program

City mayors and managers must proactively find new revenue that can help increase quality of life organically.


The public does not want “smart cities” - people want “smart administration.” CurbZERO allows city administrators to act as smart leaders by bringing together technology innovators, businesses and nonprofits to work together on causes that save lives and improve the quality of life in your city.  We believe these might be some of the very causes for which many city administrators choose to serve as public servants instead of other career paths:

  • Save lives: Most cities in the US lose more lives to their road traffic than guns. These deaths are mostly caused by distracted or impaired driving.  We should not  write off lives as collateral damage of urban transportation. CurbZERO could help reduce these numbers by empowering people who drive properly by implementing a “good driver” program in your city. We can provide more details on how such a program would work in your city. We would love the opportunity to work with you in using all our technical knowledge to work on this issue - please reach out to us if you share our enthusiasm.

  • Innovate city land use: Urban land is precious real-estate and a lot of it could be used more efficiently using technology. CurbZERO repurposes unused and least-efficiently used parking areas for effective usage reducing transportation hazards in the city such as double parking that are on the increase in city roads.

  • Innovate city transportation with smart curbsides: Transportation is changing rapidly. Cities are tasked with helping people with different personal preferences on transportation. Some love their personal cars, some want to use transportation-as-a-service (Uber/Lyft). Most people do not have knowledge of work done by their city officials and transportation staff to do miracles with a limited shoe string budget. We feel having good partnerships between public officials, large companies, and startups like us who are passionate about this mission can work wonders. CurbZERO allows cities to innovate their curbside traffic and road traffic without disrupting existing usage patterns.

Does your Non-profit operate in a place that gets a lot of pickup & drop-off traffic and very limited curb space?


We are here to help. You don't even have to pay us a dime for our service if your nonprofit is chosen to be part of our early innovator programs. We will be able to provide our own hardware and software free for your usage.


You have an idea for CurbZERO? We are all ears if you are interested in executing on your idea.

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